Haitians are not alone. Chinese media coverage of the earthquake.

The deadly earthquake in Haiti draws attention to all the people around China. From east to west, from Beijing to Tibet, the newspapers cover the tragedy and show condolence to Haitians.

The following are some newspaper which reported the Haitian Earthquake on Jan. 14, 2010.

Jianghua News

Beijing Times (京华时报). Mainstream paper in Beijing.


Yangtse Evening Post (扬子晚报). A well-known paper in east China.


Daily News (每日新报) . The major newspaper in Tianjin.


Xianmen Business News (厦门商报)A newspaper in Xiamen (Amoy) where near Taiwan.


Foshan Daily(佛山日报) Local newspaper in Foshan, Guangdong.


Changzhou Evening News (常州晚报) Local newspaper in Changzhou Jiangsu.

Daily EX

Morning Express (今日早报) An influencial newspaper in Zhejiang, one of the richest area in China.


Youth Times (青年时报 ) Another newspaper in Zhejiang.


Yantai Daily (烟台日报) A newspaper in a coastal city in Shandong.


Lanzhou Morning Post (兰州晨报) A newspaper in Lanzhou, Gansu, an important city in far west.


Tibet Daily (西藏日报) The main paper in Tibet.


Tianshannet (天山网) This is the official website of Xinjiang. It had been the only website permitted to access in the territoryfor about six months since the roit in July 2009.

So, brothers and sisters in Haiti. We suffered the same. We can feel the pain. You are not alone.

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